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Our one-on-one tutor led e-Learning courses are packed with all the information you and your employees need to keep your business safe and compliant and they are always up to date. These courses meet all statutory training requirements and are easy to administer using an online control panel. Available at a fraction of the cost you would expect, this online training has the added bonus of a minimal loss of productivity through being efficient and flexible.
Our e-Learning courses are:
To create your suite of courses we have used specialist online video production methods allowing for extremely high quality, fast video download. The combination of the presenter, animations and the quiz style questions keeps the audience interested and stimulated.
Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective virtual learning environment.
In house created content and Learning Management Systems are constructed in such a way that a set of questions are introduced after each module. Following successful completion of a course, candidates will receive a system generated certificate. Training managers can use your video training
software to keep records and track employee progress.
Your video eLearning provides a completely new medium through which to deliver training online by embedding a live personality directly on the page. It immediately grabs interest and deliver aesthetic appeal that holds attention. The outcome is to increase user engagement and deliver a lasting positive impression
Video eLearning achieves better communication through the power of face- to-face eye contact that builds trust, triggers emotion and captures a memorable tone and style while communicating the essence of the learning content.
On completion of the form you will automatically receive an email with their log in details giving them instant access to module 1 of each course.
Please visit the following sections for a selection of courses:
Business Skills
Business skills are essential for today’s leaders and managers to develop and nurture. Our eLearning courses focus on every aspect of business skills from the all-important social media marketing, performance management, customer service to data protection and sales.
Health and Safety
Our Health and Safety eLearning courses takes a practical and interactive approach so your staff can keep themselves and everyone around them healthy and safe at work. The eLearning courses cover vital issues such as slips, trips and falls, food safety, fire risks to keeping your employees safe and comfortable throughout the working day. These courses improve and reduce stress and even provide
lifesaving first-aid techniques. They are applicable to all workplaces from schools to care homes.
Health and Social Care
Our Health and Social care eLearning courses provides care certificates from Safeguarding Children and Adults, Nutrition and Hydration to Safe Handling of Medicines and awareness topics covering Mental Health to Autism Awareness. Our e-Learning platform offers mandatory and specialist courses for your care team.

For a single course – Click on the course, register your details and start learning

For a bulk of courses (min 5) you will need a package, call us on 0151 933  0905 and we can help to build a personalised package for you.

For organisations with multiple users from 2 – 5000,  you will need a subscription and enjoy the benefits of unlimited licenses. Call us on 0151 933 0905 and we can discuss a plan around the requirements for your organisation

Once you decide on what option is suitable for you, we will register and open an account for you and you can begin your e-Learning journey!

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