CITB Health and Safety Awareness CSCS Course

Our CITB Health and safety awareness course held in Liverpool covers all aspects of good health and safety practice applied within construction.  The course will include a tutorage that covers the legal legislation and practical application of CITB Health and Safety Awareness, active participation from you as our tutors guide you through the curriculum, and an assessment at the end to ensure that the targets of the course has been achieved.

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness course Liverpool workers can book encompasses the need for self-awareness in your role to actively promote of health and safety in the workplace, hazards and risks and how an assessment of these will help with good working practice, and the legal requirements of each and every member of the construction team and company services.

By the completion of the CITB Health and Safety Awareness course you should have a comprehensive knowledge of how to apply what you have learned, recognising the measures that can be put in place to advance workplace safety such as the use of PPE, and the effective and correct use of risk assessments and legal safety procedures such as COSHH and the use of on-site equipment.  You should also know what to do in the event of any accidents or evidence of poor health and safety practice.

As approved training providers this course is fully accredited and keeps you up to date with latest legislation and training related to CITB Health and safety awareness, to fully equip you with what you need in construction services.  This course can also be used in conjunction with CITB Levy, apprenticeship grants and government funding schemes.

By taking our CITB Health and Safety Course in Liverpool means you will achieve a CSCS Labourers (Green) Card, which will also pave the way to completing the CITB Construction Skills Health, Safety and Environment test (CSCS).  Contact us for more information.

After your one-day course for health and safety awareness in Liverpool, you should be able to:

  • Have a basic understanding of construction site Health and Safety Laws
  • Have an understanding of your obligations regarding unsafe activities, in order to prevent accidents
  • Understand the importance of accident prevention
  • Understand the need for risk assessments and method statements
  • Understand the importance of applying safe work processes as well as asking for help and guidance when feeling uncertain
  • Recognise the importance of your role and how it relates to the site control and management
  • Identify and implement better safety standards in the workplace
  • Identify the different kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and their uses
  • Identify hazardous substances and how to handle them properly
  • Know how to report unsafe acts to prevent accidents

Booking  Online Virtual Remote Learning  SEATS Training Course

As circumstances changes through the current pandemic, we continue to off our CITB Health and Safety course online, so that you can take advantage of the course content from the comfort and safety of your home, rather than coming to our Liverpool base in person. We hope to help workers who may be vulnerable, or those who are not yet ready to meet with people in person until either vaccinated or a return to normality.

Our online CITB Health and Safety course at Know-How Training ensures you can benefit from the same content as if you were there in person, highlighting self-awareness, hazards, and health and safety on construction sites. Whilst you may be actively working on site again, you may still want to reduce your contact with people in indoor environments, and our online courses also offer the opportunity to complete the course from anywhere in the UK, without travelling to our base in Liverpool.

Entry Requirements

English competency at an operative level is required, but the content of the course is suited to all ability levels.

The next level would be to attend a supervisor specialist skills course or the Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) course.


Candidates are expected to actively participate during the course. There will also be a multiple-choice question assessment by the end of your Liverpool health and safety awareness course.

Why Take Your Course at Know-How Training Ltd?

Know-How Training & Consultancy Ltd is a trusted provider of health and safety mandatory and legislative training courses. Training has always been our specialisation. We assist individuals in securing competency through methodical training and skill building. Our focus is on helping our clients learn and providing the support they need to reach their objectives.

The Know-How Training & Consultancy Ltd also works closely with employers. Refer the members of your team to us for employment and apprenticeships.

1 Day Course

CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course


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