Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations – Slinger/Signaller

Here at Know How Training & Consultancy Limited, we provide a range of health and safety mandatory and legislative training courses, including a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations. Designed for slingers/signallers in construction, this nationally recognised qualification is based on the Construction Skills National Occupational Standards (NOS) and it is approved as a component for the apprenticeship framework.

This Edexcel qualification will enable learners to show competence in the area of lifting operations in the construction industry. It is made to assess occupational capability in the workplace and is suitable for those aged 16 and above who are able to reach the necessary standards, obtaining a pass for the course.

In order to pass the qualification, it is necessary for learners to meet the specified learning outcomes, and provide their own evidence to demonstrate the assessment criteria is met. The course is designed to be assessed in the workplace, or in an environment that is able to replicate the same conditions, and could also be part of a training programme.

The Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations consists of four main mandatory units, which include general safety standards, checking and preparing lifting equipment and accessories, attaching and preparing suspended loads, and how to guide, position and place the loads. There is also an additional optional unit about moving and handling resources in the workplace.

This qualification is for all learners aged 16 and above who can reach the required standards.

The overall grade for the qualification is a ‘pass’. The learner must achieve all the required units within the specified qualification structure. To pass a unit the learner must:

  • achieve all the specified learning outcomes
  • satisfy all the assessment criteria by providing sufficient and valid evidence for each criterion
  • show that the evidence is their own.

The qualifications are designed to be assessed:

  • in the workplace or
  • in conditions resembling the workplace, as specified in the Assessment requirements/Strategy for the sector, or
  • as part of a training programme.

Units coved:

A – mandatory units

Credit value required: minimum 43.

Unit 1: Conforming to General Safety in the Workplace

Unit 2: Checking and Preparing Lifting Accessories to Carry Out Lifting Operations in the Workplace

Unit 3: Attaching and Preparing Suspended Loads for Movement Using Lifting Accessories in the Workplace

Unit 4: Guiding, Positioning and Placing Suspended Loads in the Workplace

B – additional unit

Unit 5: Moving and Handling Resources in the Workplace

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