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Here at Know How Training we are a CITB Approved Training Organisation. This course is eligible for the CITB Levy, Grants and Funding Scheme, making it easier for employers to send their workers to this much-needed training.We providing various CITB Site Safety Plus courses, Health and Safety training courses, as well as offering consultancy to construction, manufacture, retail and healthcare sectors throughout the UK. Companies and individuals  can benefit from our Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS course) Online/Remote Learning or face to face classrooms.

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In our five-day SMSTS course, you will cover four core course components as part of the Site Management Safety Training Scheme. The course is made for managers in order to fulfil their duties in terms of health and safety in the workplace. It costs between £450-475 to complete the full five-day course, with the more expensive option spread out across three weeks.

It covers what the legal requirements are and how to implement them, the responsibilities of both managers and supervisors, the role of staff briefings and the role of written instructions on construction sites, and planning site layouts with health and safety in mind. Each candidate will need to gain a pass on each component, which is assessed through an end of course exam paper consisting of twenty multiple choice questions and five short written answers. You will need 80% scored correctly to pass, and your certification will then be valid for five year before you need to take a SSSTS refresher course.

You can complete this five-day SMSTS training course online, including the online test. There is also the option to complete health and safety training in two days, which is for those at supervisor level. Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

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Know-How Training also offers the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Lancashire.

Know-How Training would like to remind delegates and staff that it is essential that all COVID-19 advice is followed and that you comply with all health, safety and welfare Government-issued
guidelines in order to protect all staff and delegates. Our classroom courses have smaller attendees, and delegate and staff are to follow our strict COVID 19 rules set out in the  Joining Instructions. Know-How Training would would like to sure delagates and staff we review and update guidance issued by the Governments.

CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme Course

In order to protect the welfare of site personnel and demonstrate compliance with legal requirements, anyone involved in management activity on a construction site should have a current SMSTS certificate.  The qualification must be renewed every five years.  This can be achieved by attending our refresher course, so long as it is completed before the previous certificate lapses.  Due to unprecedented circumstances, we are currently offering some services including the SMSTS course online by use of video conferencing software.

What Is The SMSTS Course?

The CITB SMSTS course is a safety training course for project directors, construction managers, and anyone else who has a management role on site.  SMSTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme, and the course is designed to educate managers on how to fulfil their responsibilities under health and safety law.

When you attend Know-How Training or attend our courses online / remote learning via Zoom our trainers will teach skills like risk assessment and method statement composition, with emphasis on current best practice.  The safety aspects of specific tasks such as working in confined spaces, working at height and manual handling are also covered.  After completing their SMSTS Liverpool site managers will have an increased awareness of the hazards inherent in building site work, and know how to effectively reduce the risks in any situation.

Attendees are usually made up of managers from construction companies sent by their organization, and site supervisors who wish to advance their careers by achieving a higher qualification.

The 5 day SMSTS training course is designed for construction managers, agents, quantity surveyors, construction directors and project directors. The course is also for people who are, or are preparing to be responsible for: planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and administering groups of staff and the workforce. Site managers need this training so they would be able to better manage health and safety at worksites and understand the legal, moral and social responsibilities of their role.

The SMSTS covers all relevant legislation related to safe work in the building, construction and civil engineering industries. Trainers provide both theoretical knowledge regarding health and safety legislation, as well as practical examples of risks and hazards in the workplace.

After five days of training, delegates are expected to leave with the confidence that they can run a safe site and have the tools to minimise safety risks to those they work with. The training and certification also highlight how a safe site is much more productive and efficient, qualities that are valuable to any employer.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

• Practice and implement all health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation that may affect their daily work
• Implement new guidance and industry best practices
• Identify their duties and responsibilities concerning health, safety, welfare and the environment

Core exercises:

The four core exercises are completed in order to assess the performance and interaction of each participant within the group.

The four core exercises comprise of the following.

Exercise 1: Implementing health and safety legislation. To enable candidates to develop ideas about how to define and implement the principles of health, safety and welfare, and how such principles affect the duty holders (client, principal contractor, principal designer,
designers, contractors, self-employed, manufacturers and suppliers).
Exercise 2: Manager and supervisor responsibilities. To enable candidates to consider the general responsibilities of managers, supervisors and operatives on
sites, and to develop these into specific responsibilities for given site conditions and operations.
Exercise 3: Site briefing.To enable candidates to combine their knowledge and experience of construction sites with their skills in analysing and writing specific health and safety instructions for a construction operation on site.
Exercise 4: Site layout. To enable candidates to use their knowledge, experience and planning skills to plan a construction site layout that will:

Provide a safe working environment where the risk of injury or health hazard has been eliminated or reduced as far as is reasonably practicable be organisationally sound be economical and efficient.
The training course includes a detailed overview of all relevant legislation concerning safe working in the construction industry. It addresses the necessity of risk assessment in the workplace. During the course, there is a focus on implementation of the necessary control measures and communication, to create implement and sustain a health and safety culture within the working environment and workforce.

Site set-up – CDM regulations – Risk assessments – Method Statements – Scaffolding – Electricity – Excavations- Demolition- Confined spaces – Changes in accepted working practices.


Assessment will be by an end of course exam paper, the completion of four core exercises and a trainer review, for which the candidate will need to gain a PASS in all elements of the review. The exam demonstrates to external bodies that the certificate is only awarded to successful candidates following bothan assessment and exam. Candidates are expected to participate during the course.

Exam paper:

The paper consists of 25 questions; 20 multiple choice questions and five short written questions. There are five safety critical questions in the exam paper that must be answered correctly in order to pass the exam. This exam paper must be taken at the end of the course. The exam pass mark is 80% (28 out of 35)

After completion a Site Management Safety Training Scheme certification by CITB is valid for five years

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