Emergency First Aid At Work

If you are looking for a first aid training course in Liverpool, Know-How-Training is the company to call.  Our courses are capable of equipping you and your staff or colleagues with fully accredited qualifications that meets with the standards, law and legislation connected to Health and Safety (first aid) Regulations 1981.

Having the qualifications to administer emergency first aid at work is an invaluable asset to you and all you work with.  It enables you to help and support your work colleagues in caring for the health and safety needs of the company.  Also, in some settings, it is considered a legal requirement to have at least one first aider on site at all times.  Even when a first aider is not required by law, it is against the law for management and business owners to neglect the health and safety needs of their workers.

First Aid Training Course In Liverpool

Our first aid tutors have a wealth of knowledge, not just of the course syllabus itself, but they also have experience of where these skills may be required in real-life situations.  To help you to really make the most of your training, the course provides plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions related to the topics being discussed.  This interactive course includes practical demonstrations and participation as well as theory.

There are various levels and types of first aid that differ depending on the techniques and knowledge that is required.  The Emergency First aid at Work refers to the kind of first aid administered in low-risk environments such as an office setting, rather than in places that needs more involved and targeted training such as in construction.  This first aid training course lasts for one day and gives you the training you need to fulfil the 3 basic principles of first aid: to preserve life, to prevent further harm, and to promote recovery until the suitable nursing care professionals, such as paramedics, can get to the casualty. 

Here are some of the skills and knowledge you will learn at this first aid training in Liverpool:

  • How to assess an incident – This helps you make sure the area is safe and that no further harm may occur, either to you or the casualty, and then to assess what kind of emergency first aid is required.
  • How to ascertain the condition of the casualty – This involves assessing whether the casualty is responsive to stimuli, checking breathing and airways, and for injury.
  • How to administer basic CPR – This includes chest compressions, as well as learning the recovery position that can be used when a casualty is no longer in immediate danger.
  • How to deal effectively with a casualty that is injured, has a cut or wound, and/or is bleeding – This also helps you know how to handle injuries where there may be foreign bodies such as glass present in the wound, and wounds caused by burns.
  • How to support anyone who is experiencing shock – this includes electric, epileptic, or anaphylactic shock as well as others.
  • How to support a person suffering from a seizure, after a fainting episode, or when chocking.

So, if you and been asking for ‘first aid training near me’, then get in touch with Know-How-Training Ltd.  We look forward to your call.


Certification of the course is valid for 3 years upon completion. On completion candidates will be awarded a Emergency  First Aid At Work Level 3 RQF/LEVEL 6 SCQF certificate by First Aid Awards (FAA)  who are regulated by Ofqual and SQA Accreditation. Our qualifications sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

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